UX Simplified

My passion is to make a difference in how people interact with products. My strengths are communication and strategy. I’m dedicated to UX education and the field, it allows my research and big-picture thinking to flourish. User-Centered Design (UCD) influences human behavior. Interaction design creates an immediate emotional state with the product and brand. Strategy does matter — ultimately […]

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Content Strategy

With the user-centered design (UCD) framework in place, cohesive placement, styling and format become pillars for brand identity. Branding enables the product to grow and build loyalty through positive associations. It is the process of creating relationships or connections between product and emotions; forming perceptions and experiences from the user. Storytelling through images and video […]

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User Research

User research methods consist of root cause analysis for problem solving, affinity mapping for adoption, brain storming, and collaboration; email surveys that capture main business objectives; analytics to gage and benchmark quantitative data; usability testing and user interviews for qualitative feedback; card sorting for taxonomy classification. As a follow-up, an online survey captures honest feedback […]

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Interaction Design

Organization of the site is demonstrated using wireframes; system typeface is created for hierarchy of content; personas are created based off user research and studies in order to identify users specific needs, desires and intentions. User-centered design (UCD) framework is structured for the needs and limitations of end users. The UCD framework is not restricted […]

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Design & Validation

Proof of concept (POC) and high fidelity wireframes are created for visual design, guidance and consistency. Style guides are created for contributors and stakeholders; wireframes are used to guide CSS and HTML development applied to the prototypes. A series of design principles fold into the usability process utilizing color, style and size. Testing prototypes validate qualitative […]

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